Functional Bodybuilding

Best Fitness Training In Golden Is At CrossFit Golden

Crossfit Golden’s Functional Bodybuilding program can be done during any CrossFit Class in lieu of the CrossFit workout.

For those of you who haven’t done this program, CFG Functional Bodybuilding will trade out the metcon (metabolic conditioning) intensity for a little more hypertrophy and aesthetics. Each day will consist of functional strength movements followed by a bodybuilding accessory lifts.

CFG Functional Bodybuilding Programming is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday each week.  As mentioned above members choosing to do this program can do it during any CrossFit Class in lieu of the CrossFit programming that day.  You still must reserve a spot in a “CrossFit” class so we do not exceed the 17 person per class limit, and you will log/track your lifts through the “CFG FB: RESULT LOGGING ONLY” program in Wodify.

Due to the simplicity of the CFG Functional Bodybuilding programming, CFG coaches will not be coaching you as closely as the CrossFit class. They will watch for poor movement and answer questions on movements, but the focus of the coach that hour will be on the corresponding CrossFit class.


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