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Everything that is not training is recovery and CFG offers 3 recovery programs that can have a major impact on your training

CrossOver Symmetry, Yoga, & RomWod.

CrossOver Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry is an evidence based shoulder health and performance “band” system, developed by top sports physical therapists, athletes and coaches. The programs are designed to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics in order to eliminate pain, reduce the risk of injury and optimize performance.

Unlike traditional banded rehab exercises, the Crossover Symmetry exercises are designed to mirror the functional patterning of sport specific movements. They target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve the neuromuscular coordination thereby enhancing athletic performance.

CFG Yoga

The benefits from Yoga are very similar to CrossFit; improved stability, better alignment, increased mobility, balance and body awareness. Through Yoga, CrossFitters can grow stronger physically and mentally ultimately leading to enhanced performance, speedier recovery and safer movement. Yoga is every Sunday at 11am and is free to all members and non-members.

All levels are welcome, no CrossFit experience necessary. Please bring a mat if you have one.


RomWod stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. It is a website that provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity. CrossFit Golden’s affiliate account can be accessed on the kiosk in the back of the gym anytime.

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