CrossFit Golden Endurance: Thursday 10.6.16

CrossFit Endurance- 5:30pm (at CFG)


I wonder if our outdoor view is ever going to get old?!

Coach Emily is gone on Thursday, so please notify the coach on duty if you intend on doing this WOD at the gym – this is for your safety!

Warm Up:
400m run; every 20s perform a burst of SPEED to prepare yourself for sprinting.
10 Air Squats
20 Quad Stretch with a lunge/samson stretch
10 Kips on Rig
20 Forward Fold-to-Standing Back Bend
10 Pull-Ups/Ring Rows

Track Total Time Including Rest
*12 x 100m; rest :30s between intervals.

*Scale the number of intervals if you’re new to the crew; remember to increase your speed throughout the intervals. DO NOT go out 100% if you have not been sprinting.

You will shred your quads/hamstrings if you go ALL OUT, ease into it and increase your speed slightly every interval.

Death by *Strict Pull-Ups (does NOT have to be unbroken)
Minutes 0-1: 1 Pull-Up
Minutes 1-2: 2 Pull-Ups
Minutes 2-3: 3 Pull-Ups
etc. until you fail w/in the minute**

*Choose the hardest variation of a pull-up for you.
**If you fail quickly, repeat the Death-by to get more reps in.