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Due to the current Public Health Order by the State of Colorado and the restriction on personal training class sizes, drop-ins and visiting athletes will not be allowed until the Order has been lifted. Our apologies in advance for inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.

Are you going to be in town for a few days and want to get in a few workouts at CrossFit Golden? We’re more than happy to accommodate you! We get A-LOT of drop ins, so to better manage the process, please see our drop-in policies and FAQ below and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Drop-In Policies:

  • No first-time athletes, please! You must have CrossFit experience at a registered CrossFit Affiliate to drop-in to one of our classes.
  • Our schedule is current and up-to-date – the only classes available to visitors are “CrossFit” classes and “Boot Camp” classes.
  • The cost for your drop-in class is $20, or if you buy a shirt ($25) the drop-in is included.
  • One week of drop-ins is $60 and includes a shirt.
  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled class to fill out a waiver and meet the coaches.

Do I need to register/sign-up for a class ahead of time?

No. Just complete the drop-in form below and you’ll be good to go.

I am following a specific program – can I just do my own thing?

You are free to do your own programming during our scheduled Open Gym times, which you can find listed on our schedule.

If I am in town for an extended stay (longer than 1 week), what is the cost?

If you are in town for more than a week, contact us or talk with us in the gym to work something out. We handle this on a case-by-case basis.

I'm local and looking for a new box.

Head over to our How To Join page to learn more.

    Fill out the form to request a drop-in!

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