CrossFit Golden Endurance: Tuesday 10.11.16

CrossFit Endurance- 5:30pm (at Bell Middle School Track)


Run technique work a few weeks ago!

Last week, believe it or not, was the first day of a 10K program!  Here comes day #2!
Coach Emily is gone on Tuesday, so please notify the coach on duty if you intend on doing this WOD at the gym – this is for your safety!  If you would like to go to the track with your fellow athletes, please coordinate amongst yourselves.
(A) Down-and-Back Agility Drills
High Knees Down
Butt Kickers Back
Karaoke Down
Karaoke Back
Shuffle Down
Shuffle Back
Samson Down
Skips Back
(B) 4 x 50
Increasing speed straight aways (focus on short strides, high cadence)

4 x 400m; rest 3:00 between intervals.

Plank Hold to Failure
50 Hollow Rocks
Plank Hold to Failure