CrossFit Golden: Friday 1.8.21

Hang Power Clean + Power Cleans!


Five sets of:

Hang Power Clean + Power Clean

Rest as needed

Start around 65-70% of your 1-RM and build to today’s heaviest complex.


Five rounds for time of:

6 Hang Power Cleans (115/75 lbs)

9 Push Presses (115/75 lbs)

12 Ring Dips

CFG Strength- Friday 5:30pm

High Bar Back Squat 6×3 (7RPE) – 1 min rests

Dumbbell Push ups 3xFailure – 3 min rests

Dumbbell RDLs 3×7 (7RPE)

Chinese Row 3×10-12 (8RPE) (Substitute for cable row)

Back Raises 3×12

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Meeting ID: 371 461 013

Password: 385206


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