CrossFit Golden: Friday 3.27.20

Megan really got a spinal tap back in 2014

Workout Key: 

All workouts are written for unweighted/bodyweight (black text)

Red – Kettlebell 

Green – Sandbag

Blue – Dumbbell

Purple – wallball

Warm Up: 

1 minute Face Down Scorpions 

1 minute Face Up Scorpions 

1 minute Scap Push ups 


6 Minute AMRAP (Quality Movement)

10 LCR + Backbend Hamstring Stretch

5 Tempo Push Ups 

10 Hollow Holds (2 Sec)

5 Lateral Lunges


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 24 minutes of:

10 Hand Release Push Ups

20 Good Mornings 

-Or 20 DB/KB/SB/WB Deadlifts

20 Reverse Lunges in place 

-Or 20 DB/KB/SB/WB Goblet Reverse Lunges in place 

10 V-Ups


5-10 Minutes of Mobility/Stretching 

Check CFG Instagram for at home stretching