CrossFit Golden: Monday 11.10.14

CFG Weekend

What a FUN weekend for CrossFit Golden Athletes!

Coaches Megan and Tom came in First Place in the Elite Division of the Garterbelts and Gunslingers event down in Colorado Springs. Camilla and Caelen also competed, and placed in the Top 10 of their first ever CrossFit Competition. Taylor ran in the first race of the Park Hill Panther 5k Winter Running Series… and WON! His friend came in second.

Great job, athletes! We’re proud of you!


CFG Members, here are some great resources based on the information discussed at last week’s Nutrition Seminar! Simply click on each of the 5 links below to read the info.






Four rounds today
Deadlift (Sets of 5 reps)
Aim for all sets within 90% of 5-RM

Rest 20 seconds
Box Jumps (20 reps as fast as possible)
Heights should be 20″ for women, 24″ for men

Rest 2 minutes
Push Press (Sets of 3 reps)
Rest 20 seconds
Handstand Push-ups (Max reps)
Modifications will be seated Dumbbell Press (aim for 8-10 reps) or negatives (3-5 reps as slow as possible)

Rest 2 minutes


Six sets for max reps of:
20 seconds of Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
10 seconds of Rest
20 seconds of Burpees
10 seconds of Rest