CrossFit Golden: Monday 12.9.13


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out to our Holiday Party/Grand Opening Bash on Friday! Not only did we have an amazing turn-out and some delicious meals shared…. but we also had the greatest video of all-time taken, starring our very own Lacey Lynn: Big Wheel Master!


Mobility work on hamstrings and wrists


In teams of four, with only one partner working at any one time, complete the following for time:

100 Handstand Push-Ups

200 Pull-Ups

300 Wall Ball Shots

400 Sit-Ups

You may partition the repetitions amongst your team members as you like, but you must complete the workout in order – i.e., complete all HSPU before moving to Pull-Ups.
If a member or members of your team are unable to perform certain movements, your coach will provide a substitution with a number of reps attached to it

Teams will get only one station for each exercise. Thus, the team will line up directly behind the team members performing HSPUs, and may only switch partners when the working team member comes down and physically tags their partner in. For the pull-ups, you get one pull-up bar – line up and tag in your next partner when it’s time to switch. If you’re using the same weight for wall balls, you only get one ball.

If you have a mixed team using different weights, you can use different weights, but you must treat it as if you only had one – you cannot hover over the unused balls while your partner is working. We want to work on communication and quick transitions with your partners.

Pick an order out of the gate, and stick to it throughout the workout.