CrossFit Golden: Saturday 4.11.20

Can’t wait for the mountain bike race in August! We will make Lacey do it this year πŸ˜‰

Warm Up

8 Minute AMRAP: 

10 leg swings Forward and Backwards

10 Leg Swings Side to Side 

4 Prisoner Kneeling Squats 

10 Jane Fondas (5 Ea.) 

10 Arm Circles – Big Forward and Backwards 

10 Arm Circles – Small Forward and backwards

10 Star Jumps 

2-3 Minutes – Free for all Stretching


Deck of Cards 

Lateral Lunges (Double the card)

Ground to Overhead

(Star Jumps, DB Snatch, Plate G2OH, Sandbag Over the Shoulder, KB Swings)

Side Plank Hip Dips (Double the card)

Glute Bridges 

Jokers x 2 –  2 Minutes of: Prisoner kneeling to Squats