Crossfit Golden: Sunday 10.22.17

Five sets for max reps of:
60 seconds of Rowing (for calories)
60 seconds of Burpees
60 seconds of Box Jumps (24″/20″)
Rest 60 seconds
Tackle this in teams of 3-4, one teammate following the preceding on the top of each minute.

Reminder that nutrition coaches Jess Walker and Erin Weaver will be hosting a Free introduction to macronutrients and macro tracking on TODAY, October 22nd at 12:30pm.

An abundance of research has been conducted about the amount of food an athlete should be consuming to reach optimal performance, specifically how many of each macronutrient (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) the body needs in order to operate at high levels of intensity. Athletes will learn how to determine how much of each macronutrient their individual body needs on a daily basis, how and where to get those sources of food, and how to keep track of how much they are eating in a day.

For those of you who are familiar with macronutrients and macro tracking, Jess and Erin will be hosting a informational session at 1:30pm with tips on how to survive the holiday season.