Crossfit Golden: Sunday 10.8.17

Sunday FUNday!

Oh baby!!

Your team of 5 will head out for a 1 mile ruck (2x800m or 4x400m)
Person 1 – Carries the 50# Slamball (groups can modify if needed)
Person 2 – Carries the 45# plate (groups can modify if needed)
Person 3 – Carries 2 kettlebells – farmers carry
Person 4 – Carries Person 5

** If they are absolutely opposed to carrying each other – then P4 must change to 1 heavy awkward Dumbbell

Teams can switch objects as needed throughout the mile, but someone must be carrying each item (including the person) at all times.

Metcon (No Measure)
Once Finished: work to complete the below reps as a team (break up reps however they want. Only allow 1 ab mat, 1 rower per team.  All 3 movements are allowed to be completed at the same time (AKA 3 people can be working at one time).
300 Cal Row
300 Sit ups
300 Air Squats
Oblique Challenge: Day 7
18 Woodchoppers
25 Side plank
50 Ankle touches
36 Russian twists