CrossFit Golden: Thursday 1.2.14

Happy New Year 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR to our CrossFit Golden Family!!

Shoulder Press
4 Sets of 10 Reps

3 Rounds for Time:
Hang Power Clean (135/95) – 15 Reps
Burpees – 15 Reps


Note from Coach Tom:

Team, some of you may have noticed that over the past few weeks, we’ve done a few workouts with Hang Cleans and Burpees. Maybe you even thought, “What? Again?” I completely understand that reaction, but let me provide you with a bit of insight into the mind of your coach.

My goal is to help athletes I coach increase their Work Capacity and get to know their bodies. That means, that if we do the same type of movement in consecutive weeks, I would hope that you would become more confident with the technique of that particular skill, but also start to learn more about your ability to handle certain weights.

We’ve got a beautiful new gym, tons of really cool toys, and I promise you we’ll be using them a lot in the coming year! I just didn’t want anyone to think that your coaches are “boring” or that they “lack creativity” in the programming.

I take the job of programming for the gym very seriously, and hope to continue to help each and everyone of you improve your fitness and hit new PR’s throughout all of 2014 and beyond!

See you in the gym 🙂