CrossFit Golden: Thursday 4.2.20


CrossFit Golden: Thursday 4.2.20

That one time we quarantined ourselves in a van for 30+ hours

Workout Key: 

All workouts are written for unweighted/bodyweight (black text)

Red – Kettlebell 

Green – Sandbag

Blue – Dumbbell

Purple – wallball

Warm Up:

8 Min AMRAP:

10 Jumping Jacks 

5 Knee to Chest + Hamstring sweep – 10 Total

5 Bootstrappers 

10 Speed Skaters 

5 Over and Under the Fence – 10 Total 

5 Glute Bridge + Clamshell


3-4 Minutes on your own 

– IT Band 

– Glute Stretching 

– Calf Stretch 

-Hip Flexor


For time:

Run 5k 


Complete Six rounds for time of:

400 Meter Run 

15 Air Squats 

Or KB Goblet Squats 

Or Sandbag Goblet Squats 

Or DB Front Squats  

Or Wallballs 

10 Hand Release Push-Ups


5-10 Minutes of Mobility Work 

*See Instagram for Mobility Ideas