CrossFit Golden: Thursday 8.28.14



Adrian getting after some weighted Pull-ups while Adam looks on in-between his own sets! Nice job today, gentlemen!


Five sets of the work below.

Rest 90 seconds between every station
Please hold as strict to the rest intervals as you can.

You should also increase the weight used for a movement if you are able to achieve the high end of the rep range. Track the heaviest weight used for each movement.

– Deadlift (4-6 reps @ 21X1)
– Push-Up (Max effort) – (Reps do not need to be hand-release if athlete can get chest to the floor and a full lock-out)
– Alternating Reverse Lunges with DBs (10-12 reps each leg @ 2010)
– Overhead Press with DBs (8-10 reps @ 2010)


Pull-Up Challenge

Thursday 8/28/14

15 Jumping Pull Ups

15 Negative Pull Ups

2 Max Effort Flexed Arm Hangs


Barbell Club

Programming for Thursday August 21st .

Clean + Hi-Hang (mid-thigh) + Below Knee Hang
Find heavy single in complex in 4-5 sets
Then, 2 de-load sets of full complex @ 85% of heaviest single


Heaving Snatch Balance x 2 + 2 OHS

Weight by feel (at least 4-6 working sets)
Focus is on receiving around parallel and getting comfortable stabilizing in the bottom position


Pause Jerks
2 second hold in bottom of jerk dip
Find heavy single for the day (should be around 85-90% of best 1RM jerk)
take some time getting used to this exercise.