CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 4.21.20

Hey Isherwood, was this pic before or after Eric realized he lost the keys to the van?


5AM Class (M/W/F): Meeting ID: 228 442 118
Password: 493494

8AM Class (Mon-Fri): Meeting ID: 371 461 013
Password: 385206

9AM Class (Mon-Fri):
Meeting ID: 923 345 223
Password: 623115

4:30PM Class (Mon-Fri): Meeting ID: 188 561 156
Password: 920848

YOGA – Sunday 5PM: Meeting ID: 967 0120 7656
Password: 028166

*INSTAGRAM LIVE* Posted after 9AM class everyday for 24 hour access. Arm Pharm Friday 10AM Instagram Live Saturday and Sunday classes at 9AM will only be on Instgram Live

Warm Up

1 minute Duck Walks 

Then 3x through 

3 Floor slides 

10 Fast Kang Squat

10 Quad Stretches 

10 Frog shifts 

10 Deadbugs 

2 minutes stretching on your own (lower body/shoulder focus)


Every Two minutes, for 12 Minutes (6 Sets)

Tempo Front Squat x 6 rep @ 32X1 (perform as Wall Squats/squat therapy without weight)

*In remaining Time Single Leg Alternating Wall Sit March


For time:

70 Thrusters (35 Ea. Arm if performing single arm)

*Every time you break (or rest) perform 20 Sit-Ups

CFG Running

3- Mile Run for Time