CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 1.6.21


CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 1.6.21

Who loves Kettlebell Snatches??


Four sets for max calories/reps of:

2 minutes of Rowing 

Rest 30 seconds

2 minutes of Kettlebell Snatches (switch arms every 10 reps)  

*Or Dumbbell Hang Snatches

Rest 30 seconds

2 Minutes of Rowing

Rest 30 seconds

2 Minutes of Push-Ups

Rest 30 seconds

CFG Strength- Wednesday 7:30pm

Bench Press 

A. Find 10RM 

B. Then Drop Weight 12-15% perform 2×10

Front Foot Elevated Split Squats 3×6 Ea. Leg

Wide Grip Pullup 5×5 (8RPE)

Hamstring Curl 3×12-15 (7RPE)

Tricep Pushdown 3×15-20 (8RPE)

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Password: 385206


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