Friday 11.16.12

We are wrapping up our 10th week of our strength training cycle. There have been some huge gains by a lot of you. Your hard work and dedication have paid off.
Next week we will be doing some testing. With that being said many of you have been asking me what is a good ________ (weight, number of reps or time) for __________(movement or cardio exercise).
So here is a comprehensive list of movements/exercises with associated standards that you can shoot for. We will test some of them now and then (some will probably be tested more so then others). Keep in mind that achieving or coming up short on a standard does not define you as an individual or athlete. Standards are simply a metric used to gauge progress in regards to your individual fitness goals (some standards provided by our friends at Gym Jones).
These are Basic Standards. Advanced and Elite Standards do exist, but are not listed and are more specific to the individual at that level.
Strength/Power Standards:
Deadlift: 2x bodyweight male (1.5 female)
Front squat: 1.5x bodyweight male (1.25 female)
OHS: 1.25x bodyweight male (1x female)
Back Squat: 1.75x bodyweight male (1.25x female)
Clean: 1x bodyweight male (1x female)
Snatch: 1x bodyweight male (.75x female)
Jerk: 1x bodyweight male (.75 female)
Strength Endurance Standards:
Deadlift: 25×225# male (15×135# female)
Bench Press: 10×185# male (6×125# female)
Back Squat: 20x bodyweight male (12x .75 female)
Pull-up (strict): 15x male, 3x female
Cardio Power Standards:
500m Row: 1:30 male (1:50 female)
400m Run: 1:00 male (1:20 female)
Cardio Power/Endurance Standards:
2000m Row: 7:15 male (8:45 female)
5000m Row: 19:00 male (22:30 female)
1.5mi Run: 9:00 male (9:30 female)
Now on to business…….
400m run
2×5 Wall Squat, 5 count hold at bottom
2×20 Squat, 2 count hold at bottom
2×10 Tuck Jump
1) 6×2 Back Squat @ 85%
2) 3×10 Bulgarian Split Squat (that’s 10 each leg), slight increase from last week.
Warm-up the squat with 3×2. Warm-up the split squat with 1×5 (no weight).
Row 2k
This conditioning workout will be testing one of our new standards. It is meant to be an all out effort….not a brisk row while talking to your buddy about how much burpees suck.
If you are pealing yourself out of the rower when finished, you did it correctly.
“Is that all you got??” -Wendy