Friday 6.28.13

Next week we will be conducting our “Open Gym” format Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
There will be a warm-up and workout posted on the white board. The workouts will be about 15-25min in length and will consist of basic movements (don’t mistake basic for easy).
You will be in charge for your own warm-up, you can do the Coaches Choice on the white board or do one of your own.
When you are ready to go your Coach will help you time your effort.
The hours you we will have for you to come in and get your WOD on will be:
6am-9am and 3:30pm-7:30pm Mon/Tues/Wed
Reminder: Doors will be opening at 6am (3:30pm) and clean up/workout ends/doors close at 9am (7:30pm). Do not show up with 15min to spare and expect to get your workout done in time.
Coaches Choice 5min time limit
Please arrive early if you need extra warm-up/mobility time.
1) 15min to establish a 1RM Dead Lift
2) 15min to establish a 1RM Bench Press
No more then 3 heavy attempts.
You must have a spotter for all repetitions done on Bench Press.
The clock will be running for these lifts and strict adherence to the time will be implemented by the coaching staff.
Use as many warm-up/acclimation sets as needed. If you have been consistent over the past couple of weeks you should have a number in mind you want to shoot for. 
Example: If you did 225# for you 3×80% on Dead Lift, 300# might be a little aggressive. But 245# would be great for an opener.
Our rule for this week will be 3 and out. You get 3 heavy attempts. If you fail three times, move on from the lift. Similarly if you hit a max then decide to go up and fail at it twice, thats you 3 and out……Know when to walk away form the bar.
500m Row
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
We will only be doing the “Baseline” one time through today (last time we did the “hat trick” version, 3 times through). With that being said treat it as an all out sprint.
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