Friday 8.17.12


2:00min ME Row for Calories
2:00min Rest
Walking Lunge, w/slam ball or med ball
Ab-Mat Sit-up
2:00min Rest
2:00min ME Row for Calories
Score will be total workout time and total calories rowed for each 2min.
There will be a staggered start to this workout with the faster exercisers going first.
2 minute ME (Max Effort) row, means all out effort for 2 minutes. Score will be total calories rowed.
Rest exactly 2 minutes before starting on the 50 to 10 portion.
Lunge will be weighted with either a slam ball or medicine ball, and will be carried with one arm on the shoulder (you may alternate shoulders). Lunging will be done as atotal, not 50 per leg and so on.
After you have completed the 50 to 10 portion, rest exactly 2min then finish your last ME row for calories.
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