Friday 9.6.13

Bootcamp will be starting this Saturday at 8am. Some of you have been asking some questions.
1) If you are a member of CFLW or CFG, Bootcamp is included with your membership.
2) There is no need to sign-up, show up like you would for any other class.
3) You will be able to go at your own pace (most workouts will be short/intense AMRAP’s), so you don’t need to be a beast to do the class.
4) Regular Bootcamp class times are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8am
5) No, you can not do a class before, after or that same day (that will be way to much volume for anyone), if you are on a limited day membership Bootcamp counts as a class for that week.
6) Any further questions please free to ask a coach.


2 Rounds
45/15 Mt. Climber
45/15 True Push-up
45/15 Plank
Lax Ball Chest Smash
Lax Ball Lat Smash
Bench Press 3×8 @ 65%-70%
Warm-up as needed, spotter is required for all sets/reps
working in groups of 2
5 Rounds, 2:00min time limit per round
250m Row
Max Rep Jumping Pull-ups**
2:00min Rest
**Jumping pull-ups will be done off of a stack of 45# plates or a short box. At the bottom of the rep arms should be fully extended and knees slightly bent. Rep is completed when chin is over bar and legs are fully extended, so make sure you use the right size box.
The jumping pull-up should be done for speed, they can be linked together easily.
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