Monday 3.18.13

2×5 Wall Squat
2×10 Squat, 3 count hold at bottom
Mt. Climber Stretch
Wrist Stretch
1) 2 Cleans & 1 Jerk, 1×60%, 1×65%, 3x1x70% (Thats a squat clean and split jerk)
Modifications for Squat Clean: Hang Squat Clean or Hang Power Clean
Modifications for Split Jerk: Push-press or Shoulder Press
2) Front Squat 5x3x70%
This week will be a recovery week, so it should feel fairly easy (as far as strength training goes), next week we will start loading again.
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 Goblet Squats, slam ball or KB
12 Chin-ups (thats palms facing in, full extension at the bottom still applies)
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