Monday 8.20.12


AMRAP 12min of
50 Double-unders or Tuck Jumps
7 Burpees*
*Add 7 Burpees each round. Example: Round 1 = 7, Round 2 = 14, Round 3 = 21 and so on….
7×1 of 2 Power Cleans + 1 Push Jerk, Resting 60-90sec per set.
1 “Rep” will equal the complex of 2 Power Cleans and the 1 Push Jerk. Work up in weight as you build up to a “heavy load” (not maximal).
Do 2 warm-up sets of 3 reps (the whole complex).
If you are new to the movement or working on technique you will do the cleans from a hang position and a push-press
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