Open Gym

We are a gym dedicated to coaching our athletes. That is one of the many things that makes our athletes so successful here. We LOVE our group classes and they will cover all of the health and fitness “bases” but some of our athletes still want to do more. Some do so because they have the desire to compete in CrossFit or weightlifting and want to get in extra work, others just love to work out and some go because they are after a new skill!” We offer ‘Open Gym’ so that our athletes can try new things, get some extra work in and do their ‘homework’

Open Gym is available to everyone with an Unlimited monthly memberships and includes access to all or part of CrossFit Golden for up to 9.5 hours each day! The schedule can be found here.

Here are our Open Gym Rules:

  • Open Gym members may work out in the back area of the gym during any class that also has Open Gym hours. (5am-12pm)
  • Open Gym is not a coached session, but there will be a Coach on premises.
  • Classes and personal training will be given first use of the stereo, clock and equipment.
  • If you are working out in the back during a group class please be respectful of the coaches on duty and his/her class. Do not drop barbells while they are teaching movements, explaining workouts etc.
  • The on-duty Coach has the right to stop any activity at any time.
  • The stereo and clock are for class and will be controlled by the on-duty Coach only. Please use your phone as a timer if necessary.
  • Clean up after yourself. Put your equipment away where it came from and wipe down anything that needs cleaning.

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