Saturday 5.25.13


Coaches Choice
1) Push-press 5×3 @ 70%
Warm-up with 2-3 sets of 2-3 reps
2) Dead Lift warm-up 3×3
Team workout
200m Run
Dead Lift, 155#(105#)
Box Jump, 24″(20″)
Teams of 2 will complete the workout as such:
Exerciser 1 will Run 200m and perform 21 Deads and 21 BJ’s while Exerciser 2 will be holding a bumper plate with two hands above the head in a locked-out position(plate overhead hold). The two exercisers will switch and E2 will then do 200m Run and then 21 Deads and 21 BJ’s while E1 is holding the bumper plate over head……and so on with the 15’s and 9’s following the same protocol.
If solo complete the workout as written then a 300sec plate overhead hold.
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