Saturday 6.1.13


Coaches Choice
Team Workout:
AMRAP 20min
10 Wall Balls
10 Burpees
Doubles/Singels/Jumping Jacks

Teams of 2 will complete the workout as such:
Exerciser 1 will complete the couplet of 10 Wall Balls and 10 Burpees while Exerciser 2 will be performing their choice of Double Unders, Single Unders or Jumping Jacks (active rest).The two exercisers will switch and E2 will then do 10 Wall Balls and 10 Burpees while E1 is “activly resting” with selected jump rope variant……EACH TIME THE COUPLET IS COMPLETE, IT DOESN”T MATTER WHO DOES IT, COUNT A ROUND.
If solo complete 10/10 then do 2:00min of jump rope variant.
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