Saturday 8.11.12

Team Workout:
Teams of two to three complete the following.
AMRAP 10min
12 Pull-ups
24 Squats
12 Hand Release Push-ups
Score is total reps completed. Each round will be worth 48 points.
5 Minute rest, then…
1600m total run (200m at a time)
Max Effort Wall Ball, 20#/14#
Score is total Wall Ball Shots.
On the AMRAP. Both exercisers will be going at the same time. So if exerciser “A” gets 2 rounds and 3 pull-ups and exerciser “B” gets 1 round and 3 pull-ups total score for the team will be 150pts.
On the Run/Wall Ball. Exerciser “A” will start on the run, exerciser “B” will start on the wall balls. Exerciser “B” will do as many wall balls as possible while “A” is running. When “A” returns from the run the exercisers switch and continue with the workout till the 1600m is complete (so 8 total rounds). Score will be the total amount of wall balls thrown over the 8 rounds.
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