Saturday 8.3.13

Coaches Choice, 10min
Teams of 2-3 complete the following
400m Run
50 Power Snatches, 40%
600m Run
60 Power Cleans, 50% (10# to 20# increase)
800m Run
70 Dead Lifts, 60% (20# to 40# increase from clean)
All teammates will complete the run together.
We are looking for total reps completed, so once the team has completed 50 Snatches (divvied up any way) they can then move on to the run.
Get as close as you can to the working percentages. You will increase each rung so you will need to have weights ready to go.
Work within your skill set for the snatch and the clean. If that means taking it from the high hang please do so.


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