Tuesday 8.14.12

5 Rounds
200m Run
1:00 minute Max Effort (ME) Thruster, 115#/75#
There will be 2 scores, total time and total repetitions of Thurster
13min Time Limit
Max Effort or ME means all out effort for a given duration or set. In this case we are doing 1:00 minute all out or max effort Thruster. Now stay with me on this….you don’t go for 30 seconds then stop or do 15 reps and stop. Go until you can’t do another, if there is time left  pick up the bar and finish up your 1:00 minute.
Weight: Listen to and respect your coaches recommendation on weight. If form is sloppy during the warm-up or the perceived exertion to much, the coach will take your weight down.
Time: There will be a 13 minute time limit for this workout. 
Back Squat 10-10-10-10+ @50%-60%
Do 2-3 Warm-up set at 2-3 reps. Then do the 4×10 at 50%-60% and 10+ on the last set.
Range of motion should be full with hips going below parallel, this is not optional but mandatory.
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