Tuesday 9.4.12


Squat Snatch Technique
Review of Power Clean and Push Jerk
7×1 of 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch (from ground) + 1 OHS, rest 60sec
Medium weight but perfect form.
15min time limit
Warm-up with 3×1 of the “complex”. Then 7×1 at a manageable weight with perfect form. All reps of complex are done without letting go of the bar.
EMOM (every min on the min) for 12min of
10 Air Squats
3 Ground to Over Head
The goal is to choose a weight that you can complete all 12 sets without going over the EMOM time limit or dropping down in weight. 65%-75% of your 1RM is ideal.
The most efficient movement for this will be a power clean to push jerk.
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