Wednesday 11.28.12

400m Run
20 Hand Release Push-ups
2×10 PVC Pass Through
2 x (:30/:30) Push Press/Hold
1) 5×3 Push Press @ 80%
2) 5×3 Bench Press @ 80%
2×3 Warm-up for each movement
20min time limit
Ideally you should be doing each set of 5 at 80%. Now if you have a big number you need to put up, use 2 of the 5 set as additional warm-ups, making it a total of 3×3 at 80%. If you fall into this category you will know it.
Last week some of you established a new PR. I want you to use 90% of this number as a working weight. So if I did 200# on front squat I will use 180# as my working weight or working Max if you will (200 * .90 = 180). So for today’s workout I would do 5×3 at 145# (180 * .80 = 145).
20 minutes to do as many Hand Stand Push-up Ladders as possible.
1 Ladder = (1-2-3-4-5-6)
Ideally you should be resting long enough so you can get each attempt unbroken.
Using a mat will equal a 1:1 ratio today
If you can’t do HSPU’s do the partial wall climb/shoulder tap modification.
We’ll miss you buddy.
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