Wednesday 6.5.13

Coaches Choice 5min time limit
1) 4x 3 Snatch (full squat) @70%
Warm-up with 3 sets of the first. Work within your skill set and keep the weight manageable and form spot-less
2) Back Squat 5×6@70%
Warm-up as needed, 3 sets at most.
25min time limit for parts 1 and 2.
4 Rounds (2:00min time limit)
250m Row
Max Rep Burpee Pull-ups
2:00min rest after each round
100% effort each round
When the 2:00min time limit is up after each round, do not do any more reps, REST
If you use bands for pull-ups, just do max reps pull-ups (or you can alternate each round), it will take to much time to transition in and out of the bands for burpee pull-ups. 
No excuses and pure dedication, Burpees and Toes 2 Bar w/cast!
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