Wednesday 8.22.12


3 Rounds
10 Stick Jumps, over+back=1, 24″/20″
20 HR Push-ups or 10 HSPU’s (must be Rx’d, no mats or modifications)
250m Row
12min time limit
We will be running heats of 8 (maximum) on this workout (4 exercisers starting on the stick jumps, 4 exercisers starting on the row). While you are waiting for your heat to go you will be doing the core work.
1A) 3×40 Weighted Twisters, med ball or slam ball
1B) 3×1:00min plank from elbows
You will do one set of 1A first then do 1 set of 1B immediately after. Rest 60-90sec then repeat 2 more times.
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