Wednesday 9.5.13


Coaches Choice 10min
Olympic Lifting:
Reminder: Wednesdays are dedicated to Olympic Lifting. This is a great opportunity to work on the lifts and get help on them if you need it.
On the flip side of the coin, if you want nothing to do with the lifts this will be a perfect day to take a rest (we will not be offended if you don’t show).
1) 12min to work up to a heavy 3-pos Power Snatch, (hips, hang above knee, hang below knee)
Warm-up as needed, you should end up in the 75%-80% realm
2) 12min to work up to a  heavy 3-pos Power Clean
Warm-up as needed, weight should end up in the 75%-80% realm
Work within your skill set. If you are still perfecting the hi or mid hang stick with it (just do 3 reps from that position). If you are not ready to start the bar from below the knee, stick with the hang positions.
3 Rounds
45/15 Hand Stand Holds or Partial Wall Climb Hold
45/15 Superman Hold
45/15 Hollow Hold
45/15 Plank
Hold each for as long as possible. 45sec inverted is a long time, so break it up as needed.
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