CrossFit Golden Endurance: Thursday 2.16.17

CrossFit Endurance- 5:30pm (at CFG)

The Endurance Crew has been getting larger as the weather gets nicer! Isn’t it fun┬árunning with your friends?!


Part A
3 x 1000m Run (3 Rounds for time)
Rest 3:00 between intervals
*Record interval times in notes
Part B
CFE: Abs and Glutes (Time)

Complete 100 Sit-Ups and 100 Supermen, alternating sets of 10 each.

Pause for 2 seconds on each Superman, keeps arms and legs straight
Part C
1min Forward Fold Hold w/ Arms Hanging over Back of Head
3 Rounds: Forward Fold + Step Back Samson Left + Step Up + Forward Fold + Step Back to Samson Right + Step Up