CrossFit Golden Endurance: Tuesday 9.6.16

CrossFit Endurance-5:30pm (at Bell Middle School Track)
With Coach Emily being out of town, you guys are on your own to organize and get started together. Run well!
Some of the CFG Endurance Crew getting after it on the rowers outside!
Warm Up:
800m jog – complete 4 “pick-ups” every 400.  Meaning, go from a jog into a 15-20s sprint to get your fast twitch muscles firing.
Ankle Rolls
Calf Stretches
Hip Circles
Pace Practice –
Some of you are experts at pacing!  If you are someone that typically doesn’t deviate more than 3-5 seconds every 400m, you’re doing pretty dang good!  Others can use a little practice, so that’s our focus today.
4 x 400 w/ 2-3 minute rest between intervals.
If you’re an expert pacer, go a little harder on these intervals and recovery fully before starting your next.  This is speed work while also keeping your pace.
If you’re still learning to pace, go SLOWER than you think you should and recovery a little less.  Pay extra attention to your breathing, how your legs feel, your cadence…then MATCH this feeling every 400m.  Use these intervals as a chance to become more self-aware of pace, time, and FEELING.