CrossFit Golden: Friday 7.17.15

Reminder that there will be NO CLASSES at CrossFit Golden on this Sunday, the 19th. Instead, we will be having our Manitou Incline Field Trip. If you are interested in attending or would like additional details, please check your email, or see the notice posted on the whiteboard in the gym! Coaches will also try to answer any questions you might have about the trip.


Keatin and JM did NOT want to drop their bars and do “bonus burpees” during the workout on Wednesday!


Four sets

Push Press (4-6 reps @ 11X1)
These reps may not be linked. One second pause overhead, one second pause back at the shoulders.

Rest 90 seconds
Dumbbell Walking Lunge (20 total steps)
Aim to increase weight each round, and complete all 20 steps with no pausing or stopping.

Rest 90 seconds


Five rounds for reps of:
Unbroken Pull-Ups x Max Reps
Broad Jumps
Complete 30 total reps each round. So, if you do 20 pull-ups on your first set, you must do 10 broad jumps before returning to the pull-up bar; if you do 10 pull-ups, complete 20 broad jumps before starting the next round.

If you can easily perform more than 30 consecutive pull-ups, drop on 29 and do your 1 broad jump before returning to the bar for your second round of max reps pull-ups.

On the jumps, the goal is max distance and controlled landing each rep.

Rest as needed between rounds, and track the number of PULL-UPS done each round.