CrossFit Golden: Friday 9.5.14


Emily left today to spend the next few months working in San Francisco. We’ll miss you, Emily! Hurry back. (She wouldn’t let me use the picture of her working out for the site!)


Bench Press (Build to today’s heavy 2RM)
Set 1 – x 5 reps @ 80% of 1-RM
Set 2 – x 3 reps @ 85% of 1-RM
Set 3 – x 3 reps @ 90% of 1-RM
Set 4 – x 2 reps @ 95% of 1-RM
Set 5 – x 2 reps @ 95% or more of 1-RM

Rest 3 minutes between sets and use that time to warm-up for the Snatch


Three rounds for time of:
115/75 lb. Hang Power Snatch x 10 reps
Ring Dips x 15 reps

Aim to get through all Hang Power Snatches in no more than 2 sets, ideally unbroken.

Modifications for Dips will be Matador or Box Dips, still 15 reps each.