CrossFit Golden: Monday 11.2.15

Here’s a fun picture from the Fight Gone Bad event this past weekend! The entire album can be found here on the CrossFit Golden Facebook Page!
Take 15 minutes and build to today’s 1RM Clean or Power Clean

Squat Clean is preferred. Be sure to only track one line of data, either Clean (Squat Clean) or Power Clean.

Clean (Build to today’s 1RM Squat Clean)
Power Clean (Build to today’s 1RM Power Clean)
Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes:
1st minute – 5 Power Cleans @ 65-75% of today’s 1RM
2nd minute – 200 Meter Run
3rd minute – 20 Ring Dips

Track weight used for cleans, reps do not need to be touch-and-go
Modify ring dips to number that can be performed in 45 seconds or less
Strength 2
Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes:
Minute 1 – Lean Away Pull-Ups x 3-4 reps @ 4111
Minute 2 – Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Carry x 25 yards each arm

Bands can absolutely be used for Lean Away Pull-Ups

Type modification used for pull-ups in comments, but track weight used for KB Carry

Video showing what a Lean Away Pull-Up is is found below: