CrossFit Golden: Monday 2.17.14


It was kind of a big weekend for the CrossFit Golden family.
Our fearless leader, Greg, proposed to his sweetheart Jess during their weekend vacation.

CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!! We’re all SOOOO happy for you guys!!!

Complete 4 total rounds.
Shoulder Press (Four sets of 4-6 reps @ 20X1
Rest 90 seconds
Hollow Body Hold (30 seconds per round) – Hollow Rocks for more advanced athletes
Rest 90 seconds

Oh, and hey guys and gals… please remember to BREATHE while holding the Hollow positions. Thanks! 🙂

In teams of three, complete five rounds each for time of:
250 Meter Row Sprint
Ball Slam, 15 reps
Only one athlete works at a time. While one athlete works, the other two teammates rest.

As soon as one athlete completes 15 Ball Slams, the next athlete can begin rowing.

Try to complete each round as a full sprint.
All out, pedal to the metal!