CrossFit Golden: Saturday 5.23.20

Come get one!

Personal Training:


Deck of Cards 

Toes to Bar or Knee Raises 

Empty Barbell or Unweighted Step Ups (12 in) – Double Reps 

Plank Hip Shifts 

Box Empty Barbell (or unweighted) Hip thrusts 

Jokers x 2 – 800m Run

At Home WOD:


8AM Class (Mon-Fri):  Meeting ID: 371 461 013
Password: 385206

4:30PM Class (Mon-Fri):  Meeting ID: 188 561 156
Password: 920848

*INSTAGRAM LIVE* Posted after 8AM class everyday for 24 hour access. Arm Pharm Friday 10AM Instagram Live Saturday and Sunday classes at 9AM will only be on Instgram Live

Warm Up

3 Rounds:

8 Speed Skaters 

8 Reverse Lunges + Leg Hug (4 Ea.)

15 sec ea. Leg – single leg wall sits 

4 Slow Strict Knee Raises


Deck of Cards 

Tuck Up

Reverse Lunges (Goblet or Unloaded – Double Card)

Plank Hip Shifts 

Single Leg Glute Bridges (Double Card)

Jokers x 2 – 800m Run