CrossFit Golden: Sunday 4.19.20

9am showing up at large for Jim’s 75th Birthday!


5AM Class (M/W/F): Meeting ID: 228 442 118
Password: 493494

8AM Class (Mon-Fri): Meeting ID: 371 461 013
Password: 385206

9AM Class (Mon-Fri):
Meeting ID: 923 345 223
Password: 623115

4:30PM Class (Mon-Fri): Meeting ID: 188 561 156
Password: 920848

YOGA – Sunday 5PM: Meeting ID: 967 0120 7656
Password: 028166

*INSTAGRAM LIVE* Posted after 9AM class everyday for 24 hour access. Arm Pharm Friday 10AM Instagram Live Saturday and Sunday classes at 9AM will only be on Instgram Live

Workout Key: All workouts are written for unweighted/bodyweight (black text)

Red – Kettlebell 

Green – Sandbag

Blue – Dumbbell

Purple – wallball/Slamball/Plate


Hip CARs x 60 seconds per side

Couch Stretch x 60-90 seconds per side

Warm Up: 

3 Rounds 

10 Seal Jacks 

5 Ea. Face down Scorpions 

10 Down Dog Cobra 

5 Ea.  Curtsey Squats


In teams of two, with one partner working at a time, partners alternate rounds to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 30 minutes of:

5 Hand Release Push-Ups

10 Kneeling to Stands

Or Can load Object in Goblet Position

15 Jump Squats 

Or 15 Russian KB Swings 

Or 15 Sandbag Swings 

Or 15 DB Swings 

Or 15 Wall Balls Over The Shoulder  

30 Double Unders or Seal Swings 

CFG Running

7- Mile Run for Time