CrossFit Golden: Thursday 11.13.14


1- There were a set of keys accidentally taken from the gym on Saturday. Please look through your things if you were here for Boot Camp and make sure you didn’t grab them by mistake!
2- There have been some colds going around the area lately. If you are getting sick, please be mindful of your friends at the gym when deciding whether or not to come in. If you DO come in, please use our anti-bacterial wipes to clean off your equipment after you use it. Thanks!


Camilla PR’d her Squat Snatch yesterday at 95lbs! Congrats to everyone who lifted heavy yesterday!



Bulgarian Split Squat (6-8 reps each leg @ 40X0)
Four sets today, 90 seconds rest between rounds



“Just Nine Minutes”
Three sets for max reps of:
60 seconds of Hang Power Clean
(elbows must come all the way around and hips must open fully at the top)
60 seconds of Front Squat
60 seconds of Push Press
60 seconds of Rest
(Prescribed loads are 95 lbs. for men and 65 lbs. for women – light enough to make continuous motion a reasonable goal. Scale up or down as you see fit.)