CrossFit Golden: Thursday 3.13.14


Because of course, why would a human sit IN the chair, and a dog on the arm? The Bogeman, just sitting atop his throne with Coach Noah hanging out.



Five sets of:
Overhead Squat (from rack) x 6
 @ 40X2

LIGHT/Medium weight
Focus is stability, stability, stability.
Rest 3 minutes between sets

Three sets for times of:
100 Double-Unders
30 Kettlebell Swings
 – light/medium weight and unbroken
15 Pull-Ups

Rest 3 minutes

Sub for Double-Unders will be 200 single-unders.
(Do doubles if you can link together a minimum of 10 or so per attempt)

Pull-Ups should be done in no more than about 2 sets total to complete 15 reps each round