CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 3.12.14



Aside from running the best CrossFit gym in Denver, Colorado, Greg Walker also babysits small children!

(Just kidding, please do not start asking Greg to babysit your kids. Seriously.) 🙂



3 Rounds:

Bulgarian Split Squat (8-10 reps @ 30X0)
Rest 30 seconds
Single-Arm Trap 3 Raises (8-10 reps @ 2111)
Neutral spine on bench like lawnmower, arm out to 45 degree angle, thumb to the sky.

Get on bench like a single-arm row.
Arm goes out to a 45 degree angle, thumb is UP towards the sky. Neutral spine, shoulders down and back.
Weight is meant to be LIGHT. View this as a rehab/prehab exercise. Be very aware of the tempo, and try not to stop moving throughout all 8-10 reps per arm.Rest 2 minutes between rounds.


15, 12 and 9 reps for time of:
Burpees(Recommended weights 135/95 lbs – however, feel free to substitute in KB or DB thrusters.

For most of us, this will make the workout take on a new challenge. Don’t view this as a SCALE, view it as a modification.)