CrossFit Golden: Thursday 7.12.12

Paleo Week
To wrap up Paleo Week, we are going to give you a recent success story. It’s a little different then you might think, but it proves the power of the Paleo Diet.

My success story


I have struggled with knee problems for the past 12 years, after a car accident that dislocated my knee cap.  I have had 9 surgeries in that time trying to repair the damage.  In March, I started Crossfit, with some hesitation that my knee might be a problem.  I pushed myself, I struggled, but I kept going.  Then I took a closer look at the Paleo Diet, and what that might mean for me and my lifestyle.  I did not start the Paleo diet to help my knee, I started it to lose weight.  After  first 6 weeks eating Paleo,  my knee had never felt better, it was stronger, not swollen and I was doing things I hadn’t been able to do, Squats almost to full depth, Box Jumps, and Lunges.  It wasn’t until I had a bad day of eating and drinking, that I truly felt the results of the Paleo diet and being Gluten free.  I woke up, after my “free” eating day, my knee was swollen, clicking and killing me!  It took about 3 weeks for my knee to get back to where it was during that first 6 weeks.  I am happy to say that with the help of Crossfit and Paleo, my knee is the strongest it has been in 12 years.  My knee will never be perfect and I will never be pain free, but I now have the knowledge and skill to keep it feeling its best.  Thanks Greg and Orion and Crossfit Golden!!



Courtney, hitting some shoulder taps.



Coaches Choice
8 Rounds
400m Run
90 Second Rest
Score is total time, not including the last 90sec rest.
Make sure you rest exactly 90 seconds!
With any time left over…..
Bar Bell Walking lunge
10-10-10-10-10 (That’s 10 each leg)