CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 7.11.12

Paleo Week
To insure success with the Paleo Diet you need to educate yourself about the topic and become an expert.There is a plethora of information on-line in regards to the Paleo Diet.¬†Today’s post will be about tools you can use to have in your arsenal to help you¬†succeed.
Web Sites:
Marks Daily apple
Health Bent
Nom-Nom Paleo
Everyday Paleo
Fast Paleo
Elana’s Pantry
Civilized Cave Man
Robb Wolf
Steve’s Original
The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Solution
The Primal Blue Print
The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cook Book
Paleo Comfort Food
It Starts With Food
Fat Head
In Search of the Perfect Human Diet
And this is just scratching the surface. So what are you waiting for, get your Paleo on!!
Ladder Drills
70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 KB Swings
40 Pull-ups
The modification for HSPU is push-up+partial wall climb+right/left shoulder tap+back to ground=1 rep. If you are doing this modification do 30 reps. If you are using any ab-mats for you HSPU multiply the reps by 1.5, so 45 reps.