CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 1.27.15


Eric with a huge PR on his Clean and Jerk, hitting 245lbs! Nice job!


Bench Press (Build to today’s 1RM)
Six sets of Bench Press
*Set 1 – x 3 reps
*Set 2 – x 2 reps
*Set 3 – x 1 rep
*Set 4 – x 3 reps
*Set 5 – x 2 reps
*Set 6 – x 1 rep

Rest 2-3 between sets


Complete as many Burpees as possible in 3 minutes

Yes. You read this right. Get after it today!!! Every rep counts!

Be sure to stand alllll the way up every rep.

How many people can break 75 reps on this?