CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 2.2.16

CrossFit Kids- 4:30pm

CrossFit Endurance- 5:30pm (at the GYM)


Air Marshall rocked his Man-Makers (aka Character Builders) during a brutal Monday workout!


Skill Work
Two sets of:
60 Seconds of Muscle-Ups
Rest 60 seconds
60 Seconds of Alternating Pistols with Kettlebell (24/16 kg)
Rest 60 seconds
60 Seconds of Strict Handstand Push-Ups (or L-Seated DB Press)
Rest 60 seconds
60 Seconds of Strict Supinated-Grip Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Rest 60 seconds
60 Seconds of L-Sit Hold
(try to accumulate 30-40 seconds within the minute)
Rest 60 secondsNo need to log reps, but keep pushing through the full 60 seconds of work.


Every minute, on the minute, for 9 minutes (3 sets each) for max reps:
Minute 1 – 30 seconds of Toes to Bar
Minute 2 – 30 seconds of Double Unders
Minute 3 – 30 seconds of Ring Dips

Add up total reps over all 9 minutes
If Single-Unders, divide number of jumps in half. However, today is a great day to work on double-unders!
Normal modifications for TTB and Dips
Accessory Work
Three sets of:
Reverse Snow Angels x 20 reps
Rest 30 seconds
Hollow Hold x 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Snow Angels are made to be slow and deliberate. Hollow hold today, not hollow rocks.