CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 3.24.20

The last time Lacey and Greg spent this much time in the alone in the gym together was when she was the only one that came to class, circa 2012 LOL

Workout Key: 

All workouts are written for unweighted/bodyweight (black text)

Red – Kettlebell 

Green – Sandbag

Blue – Dumbbell

Purple – wallball

Warm Up:

Hip/Hamstring Flow (5 positions each leg – 30sec. ea. position)

1x through below:

1min – Shoulder CARs

1min – Plank LCR rotations

1min – Bottom of Squat Hold 

1min – Broad Jumps

1min – Tempo Air Squats

*Warm up specific movement you plan to do for the 20 ¼ squat jumps*


Every 4 minutes, for 20 minutes (5 sets) for times:

Two Minutes of: Mountain climbers/Row/Run-in place/Star Jumps/etc. 

20 ¼ Squat Jumps 

-Or 16 Single Arm DB Power clean (8 Ea.) 

-Or 15 Kettlebell Swings 

-Or 15 Sandbag Power Clean 

-Or 15 Bear Hug Wallball Squat Jumps

15 Sit Ups 

*Increase or Decrease reps as needed


4 Sets:

6 Tall Kneeling Single Arm DB/KB Press/arm @ 31X2 tempo

(Use any home object – increase or decrease reps as needed)

rest 15sec

10m Goblet Loaded DB/KB Lateral Band Walks/side

(Do without load or bands if needed)

rest 15sec

30sec DB/KB Side Plank/side

(Do without load if needed)

rest 90sec